5 Simple Ways To Manage Stress During Holiday Visits

Stress-Relief Tips For Visiting In-Laws

The holiday season brings the family together. But let's admit it — not everyone is BFFs with their in-laws. If you are not looking forward to the holidays because of your overbearing mother-in-law or your partner's obnoxious father, here are some tips on how you can get along with everyone else to make the occasion as merry as possible.

1Lower Your Expectations

If your in-laws are not your greatest fans, don't expect them to tell you that you did an amazing job decorating the house for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don't expect them either to tell you that they are happy to see you! This does not, however, mean that you should be rude to them. Be a gracious host, whether they respond or not.

2Accept The Differences

This is especially true if your in-laws come from a different cultural or religious background. You may never get why they have to thank God for peas and carrots or why they take their shoes off indoors, but you have to get used to the fact that your spouse's family is different from yours. You certainly can't change their ways, so why stress out about it? Stop telling racy jokes if your in-laws are conservative. Show some respect if you want to get along with them.

3Allow Them To Help

Everyone likes the feeling of being "needed," so ask your mother-in-law if she can bake her famous pumpkin pie. It will be great if you can ask her to teach you how to make it and tell her that your spouse brags about her cooking. Asking your in-laws for help will make them feel like they contributed something to the occasion.

4Don't Complain About Visits

Never talk to your spouse about dreading the holidays because of your in-laws. This will break their heart. You can't pretend that you are excited to see them, but the last thing you can do is to not whine about it. If you keep giving your spouse the cold shoulder about having his family for Thanksgiving or Christmas, they will most likely turn on you to defend their family.

5Learn About Their Traditions

It wouldn't hurt to cook something that hails from your spouse's lovely homeland. Plan the occasion accordingly and ask your spouse about their family's rituals and traditions for the holiday season. Aside from food, these traditions can involve activities, prayers, or toasts. This will surely surprise your in-laws and may be the start of a good relationship. Good luck!

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