6-Part Guide To Finding Low Hotel Rates Online

How To Book The Cheapest Hotel Possible

The Internet is one of the greatest tools for finding economical hotel rates. This is important because lodging is one of the most expensive parts of a vacation. Searching for the best hotel rates online is time well spent.

However, numerous websites give so much information. This can make the task daunting. Get the best hotel rates with these tips!

1Know Your Requirements

Know your specific requirements before you start looking for a hotel. Do you want to be near the beach? Is a swimming pool essential for you?

How many beds do you need? Are continental breakfasts or early check-in necessary? The odds of getting exactly what you want are slim if you fail to define your needs.

2Compare Prices By Dates

The Internet makes it easy to compare the cost of a room across several dates. You might find that by adjusting your vacation timeline by a few days or weeks, you can save a significant amount of money. Google Hotel Finder is one of the best tools for comparing travel dates. Remember to check how the new date will affect the other aspects of your trip.

3Visit The Auction Sites

Websites like Priceline and Hotwire are great for bidding on hotel rooms within your target city; there are a variety of parameters to help you narrow your search. If you're unsure about bidding, check out BetterBidding for up-to-date information about successful bids. Priceline and Hotwire have different models, so check both out. Before you bid or "name your own price," familiarize yourself with the current hotel rates in your target area. Expedia, Orbitz, Yahoo Travel, or similar sites can provide you with prices for each star level.

You can typically find a hotel for approximately 15-25% less on auction sites than on standard travel sites. It's a good idea to get your significant other to bid first and bid low. Then, you can make a higher bid if their bid is rejected.

4Hit The Forums

A great source of information is Bidding For Travel. This wonderful website is similar to BetterBidding. You can get the latest gossip on successful and unsuccessful bids on Priceline.

Simply find your target city. Then, see what's going on. You're also able to see where you're likely to stay if you bid on Priceline.

5Search For Package Deals

Most of the travel websites will quote a package price if you want more than just a hotel room. Purchasing your plane tickets or rental car, along with your hotel room, can sometimes save you money. Cruises are also frequently bundled.

6Check Out The Amenities

Many hotels include free or discounted tickets to shows and local attractions, such as amusement parks. Other hotels might have a free breakfast or dinner buffet. Hotels in Las Vegas and Orlando are well-known for offering all sorts of enticements to get your business. Avoid being lured in by extras that aren't important to you.

The Internet is probably the greatest tool available for finding the best hotel rates. You can save money on your hotel room. That's extra money you'll be able to spend on other things.

You might be able to eat at nicer restaurants or do some extra souvenir shopping. Spend time finding the best rate for a hotel room that fits your needs. Why pay more when you don't have to?

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