8 Ways To Make Money From Your Artistic Creations

How To Earn Money From Your Artwork

Is it possible to earn a living as an artist? Actually, it's entirely possible. After all, many others have done it. While starving artists might be more common than financially comfortable artists, it certainly can be accomplished.

For an up-and-coming artist, there are many challenges to be met, but all of them are solvable. Those that become successful apply effective solutions. Start making money from your creations now!

1Talent Alone Is Insufficient

We all know some incredibly talented people that have nothing to show for it. You see, talent alone is insufficient. There is a business aspect in any type of art that must be managed if you want to be successful.

2Establish Art And Money Beliefs

What do you believe about money and art? Are those beliefs going to support you in earning money? If you have negative-sounding beliefs, it would be wise to work on changing them.

These are some examples of negative beliefs. "All artists are starving artists." "The only artists that make money are sellouts." "Money corrupts art."

3Find Other Successful Artists

Successful artists are generally quite agreeable about giving advice and support. Why start from scratch when you can get the inside scoop from a true expert? Use other artists as valuable resources!

4Create Art That People Want

If you look at the art that sells, it's not necessarily the most original, super beautiful piece of work that's ever been created. It's simply art that people enjoy. Look at popular movies and books. They're not always great, just enjoyable.

5Get Your Work Out There

The starving artist has 100 things uncompleted or completed but not visible to the general public. You have to publish your art in some fashion if people are going to be able to buy it. Give them something to see. Remember that "art" comes in many forms.

If you're a writer, consider writing a book for Kindle. If you're a painter, take your work to the local art fairs. If you make movies, get something on YouTube. If your art is making wedding cakes, take some pictures and put them on your website.

6Seek To Be Visible Then Seek To Be Paid

If necessary, seeking to be visible might even mean giving your work away for free until you become better known. Show off your work to anyone that you think might have an interest. Once your art is visible and has reached a sufficient level, start charging for the privilege of enjoying your creation.

7Be An Excellent Artist

Most artistic fields are competitive. The good news is that most artists aren't truly committed. There is a lot of mediocre competition. Persistence is enough to enjoy more success than 90% of the people in your chosen field.

8Be A Consumer Of Art

When you find something you really like, purchase it. If you would like others to support your artistic endeavors, you should do the same for them. Supporting others will help you believe that you deserve to be supported as well.

So get out there. Become well known in your field. That means getting some excellent work completed and feeding it to the masses.

Find a great mentor and spend as much time with them as possible. If you're persistent, you're likely to succeed. Enjoy a healthy income while doing what you love to do!

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