7 Secrets To Impressing And Winning Over Your Boss

Winning Your Boss's Trust And Confidence

Wherever you work, impressing your boss is part of your job requirements. You probably know what to do when your supervisor sits in the office next door, but you may need to think more creatively if you seldom see each other. Bridging that gap is a growing concern now that more employees work remotely or travel extensively for their jobs.

Below are a few suggestions for hitting it off with your boss up close or long distance. Some strategies apply in any context. Please your boss by excelling at your job and contributing to a successful team.

1Radiate Enthusiasm At Work

Simple office rituals can have a great impact. As a substitute for greeting each other in the break room, send an early morning email to wish your boss a good day and let them know you're at your desk. Go the extra mile with a smile. Empathize with your boss and colleagues. Cheer each other on tough projects.

2Post Your Hours

Work at being accessible. Let your boss know when you're quitting for the day and when you're heading out for lunch. For the hours when you're on duty, respond promptly to your boss and colleagues. Are you in a different time zone than the rest of the office? Adjust your timetable so that you can contact your boss during the most convenient hours.

3Take The Initiative And Be Accountable

Identify needs and propose solutions before anyone asks you to look into a situation. Focus on areas that are essential to the company. It is also important to hold yourself accountable and assume responsibility for your actions. Be prepared to explain your decisions and accept the consequences.

4Grab Opportunities To Learn More

Take advantage of opportunities to expand your knowledge and hone your skills. Sign up for a webinar on the hottest trends in native advertising or the latest news on health insurance requirements. Send your boss a summary about how you'll use what you learn to work smarter.

5Showcase Your Techie Self

Flaunt your technological savvy and connect with your boss. Tweet an interesting news story. You can also try to schedule virtual meetings. Dress up and arrange your work area to present a professional appearance to your boss; prepare a dazzling slide show and stick around to eat lunch together online.

Make it easy for your manager to track progress on each project. Technology makes networking easier for remote employees. Professional associations and industry events can help you to show your boss that you're engaged with the key players in your industry.

6Deliver Excellent Results

Meet and exceed expectations. Develop a reputation for high performance. Your boss's confidence in you will grow as you prove that you can work independently. Now that you've covered the basics, you can take some additional steps. Skillful communications and sound work habits will help you to capture your boss's attention.

7Do Not Overwork

Resist the temptation to work excessively long hours. In the long run, a sustainable pace will make you a more valued employee. Keeping your life in balance enables you to remain friendly and productive, which are traits that your boss will appreciate.

Impressing your boss at work can often make the difference between getting promoted and maintaining your position. Show your boss that they can count on you to offer solutions and make them look good. You'll earn their trust and build a mutually beneficial relationship, even if you work on opposite sides of the world.

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