5 Simple Ways To Be More Productive During Your Commute

How To Achieve More While Commuting

Whether you drive to work, take the subway, or hop on a bus, there are many different things you can do to get things moving in your day. Commutes often take up quite a bit of time, especially during rush hour. Take full advantage of the time you have when commuting to ensure that your day is optimized for success. Here are five ways to be more productive while commuting.

1Organize Your Day's Tasks

If you commute by way of a bus or subway, or even in a carpool, you can take advantage of the time by planning your day or detailing project plans. Write down notes about your various projects, prioritize your daily tasks by creating a to-do list, or schedule meetings by using your laptop or phone. However, be wary of talking on your cell phone while commuting. Loud conversations can annoy other travelers, and your reception might be spotty at times.

2Eat Your Breakfast

If you're running out of the house to catch a train or bus, take a minute to grab a healthy breakfast to eat on your way to work. Many commuter stations have breakfast carts available, so grab something to eat alongside your morning tea or coffee. Not only will breakfast jumpstart your metabolism, but you'll also have increased energy by the time you reach the office.

3Check And Answer Emails

Email is a common time trap during the day. If you have access to the internet during your commute, it may be an ideal time to check your email for any important information or to reply to those emails that have long been awaiting your response. Taking care of administrative or simple email tasks on the way to work can help ease the load when you get to the office. Organizing your inbox with filters and folders can make checking email a quick task. Set limits about checking email once you reach the office to assure you're working most efficiently.

4Listen To Self-Improvement Audio

If you're traveling to work in your car, invest in some good self-improvement CDs, audio books, or MP3 downloads. On your trip, listen to these CDs, and learn how to unlock your potential, organize your day, prioritize, increase your self-esteem or other key personal growth strategies. iPods or MP3 players are also perfect for those who carpool or ride a bus or subway to work. Indulge yourself by listening to your favorite podcasts with your iPod, either entertainment, self-improvement, or business-oriented.

5Do Fun And Relaxing Things

Use your commuting time to do something fun for yourself, such as studying a new language or learning about a topic that draws your interest. You can keep your mind sharp and discover new things by taking the time you have during your commute to experience something different. What have you always wanted to do but never find the time for? Sit down with your favorite crossword puzzle or magazine, or watch a favorite television show on your laptop or phone. Enjoy your time before work begins!

These are just a few different ways to jumpstart your day during your morning commute. Trying any one of these tips will surely make for a more productive start each day. While you may only have a limited amount of time in the morning, you can really make the best of it!

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