5 Steps You Can Do Towards Making Better Life Decisions

How To Become A Better Decision Maker

All decisions are not created equal. Some decisions impact you on a small scale, like deciding what to eat for dinner. Some decisions can alter your life so much that you become a new person altogether, like leaving your hometown to live and work in a foreign country.

Sometimes, you'll find yourself at life's junctions where you're perplexed with your choices, and the decision making is overwhelming. Whether you're making a decision about where to go to college, whom to marry, where to move, or changing jobs, many elements can throw your emotions into turmoil. Want to learn how to make better life choices? Read on to find out.

1Get Other People's Perspective

Seeking advice from the people you trust, like family members, friends, or spiritual directors, can provide unique viewpoints about your situation that may help make your decision easier. Sometimes, someone from the outside can offer clarity that you don't have sitting in the middle of the decision. The person can provide a bird's-eye view of the situation and bring out things you might not even be aware of.

2Consider The Pros And Cons

Another excellent method for helping with decision making is writing a pros and cons list. Get a piece of paper and write the positive things about the decision on one side and the negative on the other. Include financial impact, emotional considerations, friendships, and short-term and long-term aspects of your choice. Time might also be a factor, especially if you're trying to achieve a goal. Sometimes, a visual timeline is enough to propel you to make the right decision.

Include other people to help you in making your list. If you still don't have enough facts to make the decision, hold onto it for later consideration. Life circumstances may change, and that may alter your choice in the future.

3Learn More About Your Options

For example, if you're considering a move across the country, you'll want to visit the place first. Find out about living expenses, the job market, and how you'll survive. Knowing the answers to important questions will help you feel secure in the decision you make.

4Take Time To Ponder On Your Choices

It's essential to spend time praying, meditating, or simply reflecting on your choices. Find some time when you won't be distracted and spend, as long as you need exploring what you feel inside. Doing this will often lead to a peaceful solution.

5Trust Your Instincts

If all else fails and if you still haven't made your choice, go with your gut. If you feel strongly about something in your heart, you'll have the perseverance to withstand any storms that may come with the decision. Making the choice that you know is right for you will leave you ready to face the challenges.

Making a decision is like being on the "Price is Right" game show. The contestants on the show are given big choices to make. They can take advice from the audience, use prior knowledge, or make an educated guess based on the given information, but they ultimately still have to go with their gut feeling. Life may be different than a game show, but the decision-making process is still the same. Use all the resources at your disposal, employ the strategies above, pay attention to your inner feelings, and then trust that you can handle whatever comes your way.

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