10 Best Affirmations To Help You Prosper

Powerful Affirmations For Prosperity

We need to focus our minds on prosperity if we're going to attain it. Positive thinking can help us recognize all that is good in our lives. If something is lacking, positive thinking can help us take action toward attracting what we want. Here are ten of the best affirmations you can work into your day. These can make your life more abundant, prosperous, and joyful.

1"My Higher Self Is Guiding Me Right."

Accept that you're guided if you really want to accomplish what you're called to do. Trust your instincts to guide you on the right path to your prosperity. If you come across any passage in books that seem to leap out on you, memorize them or write them down to read over again; these are likely messages you were meant to read.

2"I Am Discovering My Life's Purpose."

The only joyful life is purpose-driven. Aimless life is not worth living. When you feel that you have a reason for being, you will feel fulfilled.

Plus, your life will be beneficial to others. This road to discovery is often long and winding. And it may take you on adventures that you often can't predict.

3"I Know My Mission."

What is your mission? Decide for yourself. Then, write it down as concisely as you can.

Visualize yourself accomplishing your mission on a daily basis. Don't expect your mission to be easy; expect yourself to be strong in completing it instead. Just like a mission statement for a business, allow your mission to grow and change as you evolve with each passing year.

4"I Sit At The Feet Of Great Masters."

Learn from those who have gone before you, those who have already struggled, those who have already overcome, those who have already achieved, or those who already have fulfilled similar desires to yours. You don't have to figure out everything for yourself. Every day is a chance to learn something new. Rather than reinventing the wheel, find a mentor who can help guide you to something better in life.

5"I Am Managing My Time Well."

If you need to create a written schedule in a journal or input your tasks into your computer's calendar, then do so. Spend your time doing things that will make you money, bring you personal fulfillment, or otherwise make you the success you want to be. Don't be sidetracked by frivolous things.

6"My Goals Are Written Down."

Write down your goals, short-term and long-term. Read them over on a daily basis. You have to internalize your goals.

This way, they flow through your life and guide your every action. Goals are important on your path to success. Each goal builds upon the last.

7"I Cut Out The Excesses From My Life."

Keep your life simple. Stop flying off after the next adventure, the next romance, or the next "big thing." Forget about partying.

Instead, stick with your schedule. Stay intent on your goals and your mission. Enjoy simple pleasures, and find the greatest pleasure in meeting your goals.

8"I Know How To Use My Time Creatively."

There has to be time for recreation and for the things that you love to do. Recreate your mind and spirit to keep your strength up. A life of prosperity includes making time for creativity.

9"I Measure My Progress."

You have to stay objective. How are you really doing with your progress? Success largely rests on your imagination, but it's not only about wishful thinking. Tracking your progress is important to see how far you've come toward reaching your goals.

10"I Get Things Done."

Those who hesitate are lost. If you can do it today, do it. Don't force it, but don't procrastinate either. To be prosperous is to take action. Whether in work or love, take action to make your life better.

Whenever you need some inspiration or reminders of how positive thinking can help you, revisit the above quotes and say them aloud! The affirmations will help you prosper. When you understand these prosperity quotes, you'll be able to sleep a little easier each day.

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