4 Tips On Giving Rewards To Good Workers

How You Can Give Praise To Good Workers

Praise and rewards can do wonders to bolster an employee's self-confidence and morale. No one can deny the effect that praise and recognition can have on people. Even with your family at home, there are many ways that you can reward people for a job well done.

When you praise someone, you let them know that you're aware of their hard work. You acknowledge that they've put forth a great effort to accomplish something, and you're celebrating with them for their accomplishment. There's also a double benefit of praising people in front of others; public praise may also encourage others to work harder as well. When genuinely praising an employee or family member when they've done well, there are other ways to reward them without having to spend money. Read the following tips.

1Reduce Their Supervision

Some people are happier and do much better work when they're allowed to work on their own. Giving an employee more freedom can be an excellent reward. By giving your employees less supervision, you're letting them know that they're trusted, and you have confidence in their abilities. If you truly trust your employee to do their work without supervision, allow them the flexibility to work from home on occasion. Of course, whether or not you can allow your employees to work from home will depend on the work they do.

Be sincere in your praise. Don't praise a worker merely to make them feel better. This is even more important to remember with family members. If your praise is insincere, you may be considered manipulative, and you don't want to give that impression.

2Give Them A New Title

Give your workers who go above and beyond the call of duty a new title. Job titles don't always have to mean more money. Sometimes, receiving a title means more than getting a few more dollars in their paycheck. It shows that you're pleased with their work.

3Recognize Them Publicly

Praise your best workers in front of others. Giving someone a pat on the back in private may make a person feel good for a few minutes. Recognizing their contribution or success during a staff meeting will extend that good feeling into days, if not weeks.

At your next staff meeting, give that excellent worker a certificate. Create a bulletin board in the staff lounge that has photographs of honored employees to continue to recognize them for their good work. Also, give praise when it's due. You cannot follow the adage, "Better late than never," when it comes to praising someone. Express your praise as quickly as you can when you see that someone has done something praiseworthy.

4Give Them Discount Coupons

Be specific about your praise. Sure, you can tell someone that they did a great job, but what was so great about it? "Your research paper was direct to the point and full of facts." This sounds much better than telling them they had a nice paper.

If you want a unique way to give praise, you can give discount coupons. This could be a free movie and popcorn at the movie theater, reduced entrance at a family park, or a coupon for a free turkey during the holidays. When employees feel like they matter, they're much more willing to give their all for a company.

Use some of these ways to give praise. Reward people for doing a good job. Not only will your team enjoy their job much more but also their workplace.

You'll find that they're more productive as well. Recognize and reward a job well done. Your company will ultimately reap the benefits.

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