9 Tips On Being Amiable And Well-Liked

How To Make Other People Like You A Lot

For some people, being likable is a gift. We all know someone that everyone seems to like. Being well-liked can make life easier and more enjoyable. It feels wonderful when people are happy to see us. Your social life is better, and others are more willing to be helpful.

You don't have to be born likable. It's an easy skill to develop. The following are characteristics commonly found in highly likable people.

1 Be Empathetic To Others

The ability to understand another's feelings and point of view is invaluable. It's frustrating when others fail to understand what we're thinking and feeling. Be the person that makes the time and effort to get to the heart of the matter.

2 Be Interesting Enough

Only a weather buff wants to talk about the weather! People like to be fascinated and entertained. Boring others doesn't result in getting more party invitations. The easiest way to have exciting conversations is to have an interesting life.

Are you bored a lot of the time? If so, you're probably boring others, too. Make your life a grand adventure!

3 Focus On The Positive

Who doesn't like positive, happy people? Being negative, and pessimistic becomes tiresome. The people around you are affected by your words, actions, and moods. Make others feel good, and they'll associate those feelings with you.

4 Be Really Present

A sure way to make someone feel insignificant is to fail to give them your full attention. Put away your phone and keep your eyes on the other person. Listen to what is being said. Anything else is rude and not appreciated.

5 Keep Your Word

If others don't trust you, it makes it difficult for them to like you. Being honest and reliable creates the kind of trust necessary to build and sustain meaningful relationships. Do what you say, you're going to do.

6 Unless Asked, Keep Your Opinions

When people share their challenges, they already know what to do 90% of the time. They're just looking for someone to listen and be sympathetic. Unsolicited advice is rarely welcome and can create feelings of resentment. Give advice only when requested.

7 Remember People's Names

We all feel a small bit of pride when others remember and use our names. It's also a little insulting when they don't, even though names are among the most challenging items to remember. People tend to remember in a visual format.

Considering that fact, it's not easy to visualize a name. Do whatever is necessary to remember names and then use them in conversation. Those around you will appreciate it.

8 Make Others Feel Good About Themselves

Many people assume that being more likable is the result of being more impressive to others. However, it's actually about making people feel more impressed with themselves. If you can make someone feel better about their life and who they are, you'll have a friend for life.

9 Build Your Confidence

Everyone likes to be around with someone confident. People that are nervous and uncomfortable tend to make others uncomfortable, too. Do strive to find a place between arrogance and self-doubt. Make everything possible to feel good about yourself.

Live a life that fills you with pride. Wear clothes that make you feel great. Be proud of your accomplishments, and what you have to offer to the world.

If you desire to be more likable, you can develop the qualities that draw others to you. If you're enjoyable and interesting to be around, you've already won half the battle. The other half consists of making others feel good about themselves. Even the most disagreeable people can learn to be very likable. One of the best ways to make life more enjoyable is to be well-liked by others!

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Jackie Wing

Jackie Wing is an Alaska native, who enjoys snowboarding more than is probably socially acceptable. She lives in Anchorage with her two dogs Reese and Peanut, or as she likes to call them "Thing 1" and "Thing 2."