3 Smart Ways You Can Rise Above Today's Job Competition

Ways To Get The Employers To Notice You

Jumping into the pool of job hunters can be intimidating! This is especially true if you haven't looked for a job in a while. You may feel like there are people out there with experience and qualifications that trump yours.

Getting yourself noticed amid everyone else searching for a job is tough. It sometimes makes you feel like you'll be hunting forever, right? The reality is that there are a few things you can do to get the attention of potential employers. Implement these three easy steps and watch your luck change.

1Join Professional Networks

Joining professional networks takes you a few steps closer to your ideal job. These networks are havens for employers looking for the brightest talent. Sure, everybody joins them, but you can step up from the basic package. As a free member, your access is limited. Commit to paying a monthly fee to increase the kind of job details you can access.

Include in your profile accurate and powerful details about your experience. Do some research and understand how employers use keywords to narrow down their search. Ensure your profile has the keywords that will get you noticed. Ask others you know to endorse your listed skills and experience. It's one thing when you list skills, but it's completely different when others verify that you actually have them!

2Follow Prospect Companies' Social Pages

Although you feel like you're just one of the thousands following an employer online, avoid underestimating the worth of that action! Joining an employer's listing of followers gets you one step closer to their front door! However, be selective in the pages you follow. Sure, you want to widen your chances of getting noticed, but it's a better idea to focus on companies that you really want to work for.

When you follow pages, you're able to keep up on changes with the companies. You'll see developments, changes in leadership, and so on. This information keeps you current in the event you get called in for an interview. If possible, make your full profile viewable to employers. The last thing you want is for an employer to be interested in you but unable to see your complete profile.

3Join Online Discussions With Employers

Take your interest in an employer one step further by joining discussions. Many companies post forum topics to get feedback from individuals in the industry. Your worthwhile contribution to a discussion can help you stand out amongst your competitors. Ensure your points are well thought out and respectful.

Remember to check your grammar and spelling. Yes, social media is more accepting of broken English and spelling errors, but remember that you're job hunting! Participate in discussions as if you're in an interview. You have no idea who's reading your feedback, so make it good!

Remember that whatever is meant to be yours is there for the taking. Avoid feeling intimidated by the crowd. Just patiently and cleverly find your way through it. By taking these steps, you'll find yourself front and center with your dream employers. Be ready so that when the day comes, you'll be able to make a great impression!

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