9 Easy Dating Tips That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

How To Go On A Date While Spending Less

The cost of dating can really take its toll on your bank account. Maybe you can barely afford to pay for your own fancy dinner and a movie. So how are you going to pay for two?

In most cases, women have it a little easier when it comes to the cost of a date. So for once, it's all about you, guys! Here are some helpful ideas when dating.

1Avoid Expensive Gifts To Impress

A decent woman won't be more attracted to you because you bought her flowers or jewelry. There is a time for that, but it's further along in the dating process. So you can skip shelling out for an expensive piece of jewelry as a gift on your first few dates.

2Don't Go Big On A First Date

For a first date, meet for coffee. If it goes well, you can make more major plans for next time. If it doesn't go well, you're not out more than the cost of a cup of coffee. There's no point in spending a lot of money on someone with whom you're not compatible.

3Find A Good, Not Too Pricey Place To Eat

Every guy should have an economical but quaint restaurant he can fall back on. Your city is sure to have a few Italian or other ethnic restaurants that have a lot of charm. If you don't have one in mind yet, find one.

4Go To An Inexpensive Dating Spot

It doesn't matter where you take her. This doesn't mean that you can take her to the junkyard to pick car parts in the sweltering heat. But if she genuinely likes you, she'll be happy to be with you. A pizza and a rented movie can be as good as anything else.

The only women that would hold it against you are the women that aren't really interested in you, not for you. In fact, keeping the spending to a minimum is a good way to weed out the women you don't really want anyway. Cheap dating is actually a brilliant strategy.

5Look For Free Concerts And Festivals

Free concerts and festivals, such as food festivals, are perfect places to enjoy. The atmosphere is great, and it's hard to beat the cost. Check the local newspaper or online for news on free concerts and events.

6Prepare A Home-Cooked Dinner For Her

Not only can you show off your cooking skills, but you can also save a bundle compared to taking her out to eat. It's a great date. Put on some music and give her something to do, like slice vegetables. Add a little wine, and you're in business.

7Do Volunteer Work Together

Find volunteer activities that both of you are interested in joining. You get the chance to spend time together while doing something great for others. Sometimes, there's free food, too!

8Date For A Reason

Some guys feel the need to date as much as possible, almost like it's a hobby. There are cheaper hobbies out there. Date women with whom you have at least a reasonable amount of interest. You don't have to date someone just because you can.

9Set A Monthly Date Budget

Keep tabs on your costs. Do this by setting up a monthly dating budget. Set an amount that's comfortable for you and your finances, and stick to it.

You can still change it from time to time as you see fit. The most important thing, however, is that you're now in control of it. Your dating costs won't run amuck with your finances.

Dating doesn't have to be expensive. A little thought, planning, and restraint can save you a lot of money in your dating "career." You don't have to spend a lot to impress a good woman.

Let the other guys try to buy affection. Have fun with the right girls. Go with those that look past the money to see what's most important.

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