10 Ways Of Putting Closure To A Relationship

How To Put Closure To A Relationship

As the song says, "Breaking up is hard to do." Finding closure after the end of a relationship is often harder. "Closure" is a psychological term that means closing the door on something or someone.

A closure means you leave the past in the past rather than dragging it out into the present again. In relationships, this means learning how to let go of that relationship and move on to another, possibly a better relationship. There are many ways of putting closure to a relationship. In fact, it will depend entirely upon your personality and particular situation. Here are some tips on how to put closure to a relationship that has ended.

1Accept That The Relationship Is Over

Declare out loud to a close friend that you accept the relationship is over. Choose someone who will support you. It should be a friend who will help you stay focused on the present and future rather than dwelling on the past.

2Let Go Of The Person

Call the person you're letting go and release them. Acknowledge that you still have feelings for them, but that the relationship isn't healthy, and they're free. If it's too painful to talk with them, write them a note.

3Refocus On Yourself

You may have let your own interests slide while you were involved with your previous relationship. Now's the time to shift your focus back to yourself. Give attention to what you want to do.

4Find A New Hobby

Find a new hobby or activity to replace the time with your ex. If you always went out on Friday nights, invite some friends over instead and watch movies. Or, you could volunteer for a worthwhile charity.

5Call A Friend

When you start thinking about your ex, call a friend. Let that friend bolster your resolve. Ask them to restate your reasons for letting them go.

6Create A Mantra That Helps You Refocus

Keep telling yourself this mantra, and before too long, you'll start believing it. You'll also begin to act differently as well. "I am strong, and I am over them" could be all you need to say, but it may be something more detailed like, "I'm a wonderful person who is worthy of love, respect, and happiness."

7Remove Things That Remind You Of Your Ex

At some point in the future, you'll be strong enough to look at these things with fondness rather than being tugged back to the past. Take them off your speed dial and remove photos of the two of you. Box up gifts they gave you.

8Take Care Of Yourself

Eat better, take up a new exercise, and get plenty of rest. Hydration is important, too. So, be sure you drink plenty of water.

9Don't Hold It In

If you're feeling particularly sad over the breakup, don't hold it in. It's natural for you to feel upset about the end of the relationship. Go ahead and cry. You may even want to write in a journal how you feel, so you can get the feelings out rather than holding them in.

10Figure Out What Went Wrong

Reflect on what went wrong in your relationship after you've distanced yourself from it for a while. If there were things you did that could've damaged the relationship, admit them. Try to determine the red flags that signaled the relationship was ending. Decide to avoid similar mistakes in future relationships.

If you didn't want the relationship to end, you might be tempted to leave the door open hoping to rekindle that lost love. It may be difficult to find closure, but the emotional price of holding out hope can be costly. For your health and peace of mind, learn to let the relationship end. Let go of the past, close the door, and walk into a better future.

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