5 Ways To Get Fit Without The Gym

3Start Your Own Bootcamp

This can be loads of fun. The added challenge with friends can be extremely motivating, but you can even do it on your own. Head to any local area, like a park, and try cardio and strength exercises.

Stuff like high knees, push ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and partner exercises are staples. Grab things like jump ropes, step boxes, and resistance bands to spice it up.

4Take A Walk In The City

Chances are there's a lot more to the city you live in that you know of. Consider taking a tour while walking around. It's simple because you literally only need a good pair of shoes, and you're off to almost anywhere. You could even tour a city nearby. Not only can you get a good workout doing this, but it is also enlightening.

5Hit The Track Running

Walking isn't for everybody. Some people are in need of a better challenge or just have higher fitness goals. The most effective calorie burner by far is running. Naturally, running on a treadmill in a gym or even at home can be incredibly boring.

Try heading to a nearby high school track. They're usually open for the neighborhood, and you might be able to find a running buddy in the process. If you'd rather run alone, slap on some headphones and be on your way. The isolation can be quite refreshing. Add some variation to your run by going faster and slower in intervals, or even just running to the pace of your music.

There are tons of way to say goodbye to the gym and still maintain great shape. Staying fit only requires you to be creative. Find ways to make it lively and fun every once in a while.

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