15 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

12Limit The Frozen Yogurt

You know how serious the woes of fro-yo can be. If you're a fiend, give yourself a dollar limit. The yogurt itself is 20 to 30 calories before toppings, per ounce, so sticking to a dollar limit of say $3 can limit the caloric intake too.

Regular, full-fat plain frozen yogurt contains around 110 calories per serving - which is half a cup. If you just can't give up that mound of added ingredients, try a nonfat variation. This will offer aobut 70 calories for the same serving.

13Lay Off The Dressings

A lot of people can't get enough of ranch dressing. But when you do manage to avoid drowning your food, a lot of calories get saved. With only four tablespoons, creamy dips can push the count into over 100 calories.

14Pick Dessert Or Alcohol

To lose weight, you've got to cut calories. If you pack a couple glasses of wine at dinner and finish with dessert, it's time to make a sacrifice. If you love dessert, make sure your beverage of choice is at zero for the meal. Conversely, if alcohol is your choice then pick the wine over dessert.

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