15 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

6Sit Down When You Eat

Without paying attention, you'd be surprised at how many calories you consume. Between parties and simple get-togethers, mindless eating is a big cause of weight gain. Unconsciously, you eat more when you use big containers and in social surroundings.

But take a seat at a table, and you'll pay more attention to what you're shoveling. You can even try sitting further from the food.

7Drop Diet Soda

According to research from the University of Texas at Austin, people who indulge in diet soda typically have larger waists. Those who drink diet soda have a 70% higher increase in waist circumference, in comparison to those who don't. And if you're one of those who take out two or more a day, a 500% increase could be in your future.

8Sit Back And Relax

Tone down the stress, and you can prevent belly fat from developing. In a Study at the University of California, 61 healthy women kept records of their fatty, high sugar food consumption. Of them, 33 were chronically stressed and 28 weren't. What research revealed was that these foods lead to metabolic problems like belly fat, but only in the stressed group. Those who had low stress but also consumed high levels of fat and sugar didn't experience the same effects.

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