15 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

3Order Unsweetened Drinks

Instead of the flavored coffee, grab a plain latte. You can save 40 calories per serving of 16 ounces, and a couple grams of fat per tablespoon of the sweetness. It might be tough though to resist with all of Starbucks aromas to lure you in.

There are about 60 calories in Starbucks' short latte macchiato with nonfat milk. Of those calories, the majority of them come from protein and carbohydrates.

4Time To Sleep In

If anything says slacker, it's sleeping more. But did you know that sleeping less than five hours a night can cause 30% more weight gain than if you sleep seven or more? Sleep is like nutrition for the brain.

5Eat The Salad Last

Typically, you eat the salad before the main course. Salads are great because they're filling, have low calories and help stop overeating. But by eating it last, your brain gets a chance to process how full you really are. Go easy on the dressings.

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