10 Tips For Choosing The Right Disability Policy

9Lifetime Extension Rider

The lifetime extension rider will allow you to receive benefits even after 65. It all depends on your age at the time of disability. This also depends on the severity of the injury as per the insurance companies.

If you're totally disabled due to illness or injury that occurs before 65, you'll continue to receive benefits throughout your lifetime for as long as you are totally disabled. Keep an eye on the insurance companies' policy.

10Return-Of-Premium Option

You can get your money back if you manage to avoid a disability entirely. These payments are refunded after a number of years. This is after filing the proper paperwork, and purchase of the return-of-premium option.

Disability income insurance can be a true life saver for you and your loved ones. It may make sense for you to invest in it today, so take a look at these options and riders. They will only help you to make a more informed decision, and benefit you financially in the best possible way.

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