16 Tips For Learning How To Manage Your Finances

12Create A Wall Calendar

Create a wall calendar. You can use this to track your billing cycles, payments, other important info and especially due dates. Keep it all in one place to regardless of a reminder in the mail you know your budget and late fees.

Everything is digital these days, so you can download a calendar app if that suits you. Most apps will allow you tag certain dates and information under categories like finance. Some even let you set up phone notifications.

13Confide In A Friend

You want to try and confide in a friend about your finances. Their support and understanding will go a long way, at least so that they don't tempt you to spend money going out with them too much. Make sure they know the reason you can't afford trips or gifts, lest they suspect they did something wrong.

14Find Ways To Save Every Day

Save money every day. This can be done by making a shopping list for the week's food at a minimum, rather than shopping when you're hungry. Take advantage of sales and stick to the list.

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