16 Tips For Learning How To Manage Your Finances

9Automatic Bill Payments

Keep your credit from being damaged as a result of late payments. You can do this by setting up automatic bill payments with your debit account. This will save you from late fees as well as penalties.

Those late fees and penalties are a real pain in the neck, especially if you meant to pay the bill but didn't have your money allocated correctly. Don't underestimate the usefulness of automatic bill payments.

10Pay Your Credit Card Bills On Time

Always pay your credit card promptly. Doing it on time will reflect a good payment history, improving your credit even if you can't pay it off all immediately. Avoid those late payments, and ensure you'll have extras money to supplement the payment when the time comes.

11Financial Emergencies

As you probably know, financial emergencies often come without warning. Preparation is key here: know what your late fees cost and the number of days past the due date you get. Know your choices before entering a year-long lease.

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