16 Handy iPhone Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

12NomadKey Charger Key

Carrying around USB cables can turn into a hot mess in your pocket, and quickly. The Nomad Charger Key snaps on your keychain and is made from a flexible, bendy material. If you're looking to avoid having to carry a USB charger around all day, this is a great tool.

It even has a built-in lightning cable for energy top-ups. Most people would carry a charger with them everywhere if it meant not having to fool around with cables!

13Garmin VivoSmart

This activity tracker has highly appealing minimalist design that Steve Jobs would have appreciated. The VivoSmart has no buttons: only a visible display that appears when you twist your wrist. It pairs with your iPhone, is waterproof up to 160 feet, and gives you all the alerts you'd get if you were looking at your phone. At a bonus, it yields 4 days of battery life.

14Logitech Harmony Home Hub

Ever wondered if it were possible to control your game consoles, audio system and TV from your iPhone 6? It is now, with the Logitech Harmony Home Hub. This device transforms your iPhone into a universal remote: up to eight devices bent to the will of your fingertips, even devices covered by doors. Utilizing an iOS app, the configuration process is detailed and simple.

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