16 Handy iPhone Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

9OlloClip 4-in-1 Photo Lens

The camera on the iPhone 6 is often raved over, but it can't do everything. Rather than forking over $200 for some extra camera features, check out the OlloClip . This device conveniently clips over the lens, and allows your phone to capture wide-angle photos, video, fisheye, and a 10x/15x zoom.

The thee removable pendant clips let your carry the device around your neck like a legit camera, or clip it on your backpack if you're moving around more.

10Zuckerim Gekkopod Mount

It sounds pretty weird and might even look like a creature with five legs, but this sweet device lets you mount your iPhone on almost anything. The arms wrap around solid objects, and allow you to tilt your phone 360 degrees. Few other devices allow you to get almost any shot you want. The Gekkopod also comes with a camera stand and GoPro stand. If you want more colors, there are 5 to choose from.

11Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard

Depending on your hobbies or occupation, a situation may call for typing up a document on the go. Naturally, the iPhone's touchscreen can do a lot but isn't suited for this task. Having a Bluetooth keyboard handy can go a long way, and the Jorno even folds.

At 6.8mm thickness and folding in a 6 x 4 inches rectangle, this accessory gives a load of typing space and is very portable. The keyboard remains sturdy when you need it to be and is made of a quality faux leather. The stand for your phone snaps it into place via a magnet.

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