10 Cocktails That Are Favorites Among Men

6The White Russian

Mix vodka, cream, and coffee liqueur and you've got this creamy, sweet cocktail. Ironically enough, it did not originate in Russia; vodka, its main ingredient, is the reason for the name. The same drink sans the cream is called the Black Russian, equally delicious.

The White Russian's popularity likely boomed due to being the favorite drink of the Dude, the lovable main character of the movie "The Big Lebowski". In the movie, he also calls it a Caucasian.

7The Old Fashioned

This drink is a result of blending bitters and sugar, followed by adding a spirit and a twist of lime or lemon. The Old Fashioned drink made a comeback subsequent to being the favorite drink of Don Draper from "Mad Men". The spirit of choice here could be bourbon, gin, brandy or whiskey. The name is said to come from Kentucky in the 1880s in a gentleman's club.

8Jack And Coke

Rum & Coke taste so good together, but who thought Jack & Coke would taste amazing? Apparently the United States Bureau of Chemistry in 1907. This cocktail has exploded in popularity: even Jack Daniel's released its own beverage combination. Give the Piscola a try if you want something similar to the Cuba Libre: it mixes Coke with pisco, a Chilean brandy.

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