10 Cocktails That Are Favorites Among Men

3Mojito Or Brazilian Caipirinha

Even though you'll find several different variations of this classic, such as the Brazilian Caipirinha, there's nothing quite like the original mix of white rum, mint, sparkling water, lime juice and sugar. The secret to a good mojito? Try crushing the mint leaves: that releases the full flavor.

The origins of the Mojito are uncertain, with some saying that it was originally a cure for sicknesses that plagued the sailors. But there's no doubt that this legend hails from Havana, Cuba.

4The Tom Collins

Popularized by mixologist Jerry Thomas, this delicious drink combines gin, carbonated water, sugar and lemon juice. It's certainly been around since the 1860s at least, despite obscure origins but is apparently invented by a British waiter named John Collins. Historians think that the name change is due to a later recipe using Old Tom gin.

5Bloody Mary Or Caesar

The main difference in these two drinks? The Caesar uses Clamato juice and the Bloody Mary uses plain tomato juice. Either way, this classic cocktail is also one of the world's most complex. Just a few of the spices, sauces and vegetables that comprise the unique taste include olives, salt, pepper, celery, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce. Some say a Caesar is a great cure for hangovers, but this may be incorrect.

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