10 Cocktails That Are Favorites Among Men

These Cocktails Are The Stuff Of Legend

A lot of today's most famous cocktails are either based on old-fashioned remedies for illnesses that are now handled with pills or other medicine. They could also be variations of iconic drinks. Despite the change in recipe and the further refinement of the liquors, the sweet enjoyment of a nice cocktail is all the same.

From the classic Gin & Tonic to Rum & Coke, there are cocktails you'll find at any restaurant or bar. A fine cocktail combined with experience and presentation defines not only the moment, but perhaps even the character of the individual. Like a label of fine wine or beer brand, ordering a cocktail says more about you than merely a preference in taste. At any bar, the Martini, Tom Collins, and even the Bloody Mary are fairly consistent orders. This list of 10 cocktails are those that have stood the test of time and in most cases, are the stuff of legend.

1New Orleans' Sazerac

Its name comes from a cognac brand that was originally the main ingredient in this powerful drink. The official cocktail of New Orleans, it is typically a combination of whiskey or cognac, absinthe, bitters, and sugar. It's been experimented with across the world as a result of a ban on absinthe in a lot of places, with those places using anise-flavored liquors in its place. Some historians claim the Sazerac to be the oldest cocktail in America.

2Rum And Coke

Widely known as the Cuba Libre, this popular drink in bars and restaurants throughout the world is served with lime juice or a lime garnish. Created originally in Havana, Cuba, the easy accessibility of its ingredients cemented its popularity. The release of "Rum and Coca-Cola" by the Andrews Sisters in 1945 helped that fame skyrocket. The drink's composition has seen many spin-offs, some using golden rum instead of white.

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