7 Ways To Get In Shape Without Going To The Gym

Staying Fit Without Going To The Gym

Getting in shape is a worthwhile goal. Not only will you feel and look better, but you'll be healthier, too. Being healthy is a great way to cut down on expensive medical bills.

Joining a health club is a common first step, but it might be completely unnecessary. A gym has several drawbacks, the most important being the cost and the inconvenience. Few things will prevent you from exercising more than having to drive across town to work out. A crowded health club is a close second. Follow these tips on how to get in shape without a gym membership.

1Go For A Walk Or Run

Put on your shoes and head out the door. What could be cheaper or more convenient? If you're really out of shape, go for a slow walk. If you're in great shape, run. If you're concerned about the weather, buy a rain suit.

Walking or running is important. Humans were designed to move around on two feet, and sitting around all day has been linked to an early death. Walking is simply a great, inexpensive way to regain health and vitality. Keep track of your speed, and the distance covered, and push yourself to go a little faster or further each week.

2Try Jump Rope

Jumping rope is great for conditioning, agility, and coordination. A jump rope is also inexpensive. Professional boxers jump rope daily and use a jump rope that costs less than $7. You can take it with you when traveling and always fit in a great work out. It might be challenging at first, so start slowly and build up over time.

3Shop On Craigslist

Most home exercise equipment is used minimally. There are far more treadmills being used to hang clothes than for exercise. It's possible to find every type of exercise equipment for pennies on the dollar. You can even find equipment for free! A simple piece of cardio equipment and some dumbbells are all that you need.

4Use Your Body Weight

Lifting weights can be beneficial, but if you can't do several pushups, pull-ups, or bodyweight squats, you already have all the resistance you need. Spend the time to develop the ability to handle your body weight easily. Calisthenics is free, and there are hundreds of exercises available.

5Try Some Hiking

Hiking is more fun than walking around the block for the 25th time in a week. With some sturdy boots, any trail is fair game. Hiking is also a great way to spend time with others. A simple backpack can increase the workload and provide a more significant workout.

6Volunteer On Activities

Many volunteer activities provide a good workout. You can help build a playground or pick up trash. Habitat for Humanity will have you swinging a hammer or carrying boards all day. Help to plant trees or flowers in your city. It's a great way to help your community, make friends, and get into shape.

7Involve Your Family Or Friends

Exercise can be more fun with others. It also opens up other possibilities, like playing basketball or tennis. On the other hand, maybe you'd like to use exercise as a means of escaping these people for an hour!

Joining a gym isn't a required part of getting in shape; many options are far more convenient and economical. Most gym memberships are only used a few times, and it can be a real waste of money. Working out at home also saves a lot of time. What could be easier than doing a few pushups and heading out the door for a jog?

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