5 Tips To Stop The Habit Of Delaying

How To Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination: it's something a good number of us tend to do, no matter what the task. We know that putting something off doesn't help us, and it only makes things worse by adding stress to our lives. But, knowing this fact alone makes us procrastinate more. So, how can you stop this vicious cycle, use your time more effectively, and get your tasks done sooner? Follow these easy tips.

1Determine Why You Delay Working

Is it a specific task that you're putting off? Or, do you procrastinate everything on your plate? What is it about this task that stops you from doing it?

Are you scared of failing? Do you fear that you'll fall short of what's expected of you? Are you just lazy? Are you resentful of whoever put this obligation upon you? By evaluating the task, you can better understand what's holding you back, so you can complete the job more efficiently.

2Make A Plan

When you make a step-by-step plan, you are setting a specific schedule and timeline to complete the task. Write this plan down on paper. Writing a list will help you better organize your thoughts and determine the small steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

Give yourself attainable tasks on a daily, weekly, or hourly timetable, as it applies to your situation. You are less likely to be overwhelmed when you're faced with small, manageable steps.

3Try To Be Realistic

Be realistic about what you can achieve in your plan. Doing so makes each step attainable, and you'll be less likely to put it off. Knowing your limits will make your goals seem easier and less of a mountain to climb.

4Just Make Yourself Begin

It sounds simple enough, but few heed this simple tip. Most procrastinators find themselves prone to delaying the start of the task because it seems too overwhelming. Instead, they stress and worry during the final moments before it's due. No matter how large or impossible the job may seem, beginning with even a small action will build momentum. By beginning, it tends to put the task into perspective and makes it seem possible than ever.

5Take Some Breaks

Taking scheduled breaks while working on your task, refreshes your body and mind. If you go for a 10-minute walk or work on a Sudoku puzzle, you'll feel re-energized, and you'll be in a better frame of mind to forge on. Breaks, while refreshing, should be taken in moderation; you certainly don't want to use breaks as an excuse to lapse back into procrastination.

Procrastinating is such an ugly habit that many of us fall into. Luckily, this bad habit can be overcome. If you are prone to procrastination, you can become more proactive and productive. Follow these five tips, practice them frequently, and with some time and patience, you'll find yourself getting more done, more often.

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